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Service Offerings


Triage & Clarity
$0 / 5 minutes
  • Understand general benefits of cannabis as medicine
  • Understand our products & their general usage
  • Improved understanding
    of medical cannabis

Follow Up

Returning Patients Only
$25 / 15 minutes
  • Review the effectiveness
    of your care plan
  • Training & guidance to optimize
    your care plan results
  • Improved wellness


Mini Consultation
  • Matching cannabinoids & your personalized needs
  • Guidance on suitable products 
    for your needs
  • Initial consult to understand potential benefits


Full Service Appointment
$149 / 60 minutes
  • In depth consultation addressing cannabis & your needs
  • Guidance on suitable products
    for your needs
  • Training & guidance on their effective use to optimize results 
  • Detailed understanding of what to use & how to use it
  • Free 50 page ebook
Your Discovery Call

Benefits of a free discovery call

If you are interested in exploring whether medical cannabis can help you, but don’t know where to start or have reservations, then our free discovery call will help. Speak to a uniquely trained nurse who can help you understand how and why cannabinoids work and whether it is something that could help you.

Entirely free with no obligations, pick up the phone to our nurses now and get started on your personalized wellness journey.


Benefits of a dedicated consultation

Book a consultation with one of our certified holistic nurses to optimize your use of cannabinoids to treat your symptoms. Our nurses will understand your personal situation and circumstances, guide you on the appropriate products to take and help you maximize efficacy by coaching you through your personalized care plan.


In a 20 minute call we can focus on understanding your unique needs and guiding you to the right products to treat your symptoms so you can get started on your wellness journey.


In a 1 hour call, we will also develop a personalized care plan and give guidance and advice to optimize your results.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card
Are you new to medical marijuana or renewing an existing card but don’t know how?
Get Your Medical Marijuana Card
Are you new to medical marijuana or renewing an existing card but don’t know how?