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  Happy March! This month we recognize the struggles of women around the globe living with endometriosis – an unrelenting condition that affects 10% of all females. From missed work and social occasions to everyday episodes of intense pain and discomfort; this affliction can drastically alter one’s quality of life. As we welcome Springtime, let’s educate everyone

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Heart Health

  February is the month to recognize and prioritize heart health! Remember – our heart beats over 100,000 beats per day and circulates rich oxygenated blood that nourishes our cells. While this process helps keep us alive, it can also make us vulnerable: arterial walls dilate with each wave of circulation and minor micro-injuries may

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Refocus on You!

Happy New Year!     What’s on your resolution list this year? Losing weight? Making more money? Traveling again?  Whatever you choose, your ability to follow through depends on your sense of strength and will, and that is often determined by brain chemistry. Sabotaging our own plan is not intended, but we all do it

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